The field of plastic surgery is evolving every day, and new techniques are allowing surgeons to improve results while minimizing risks. One of the most advanced face lift techniques used today is known as the vertical vector SMAS (superficial musculoaponeurotic system) face lift, which involves vertically lifting both facial skin and its underlying structure to achieve incredibly natural-looking results. Dr. Freund is a master of this technique, and he has the extensive experience and expertise needed to ensure your vertical vector SMAS face lift achieves phenomenal results.

Dr. Freund also has exceptional skill performing brow lifts and mid-face lifts, which can create a younger appearance when sagging in the forehead or cheek area is the patient’s main concern. In addition to utilizing advanced surgical techniques, Dr. Freund has also developed his own revolutionary fat transfer technique — Viafill™. Using Viafill™ allows Dr. Freund to better maintain the quality of harvested fat through the purification process, which produces better results that are more readily apparent than traditional methods of fat transfer.