A Slimmer Physique with Tummy Tuck.


Overview of Tummy Tuck

3 Key Features of the Ideal Female Physique

At the New York office of plastic surgeon Robert Freund, we use this time-tested procedure on female and male patients who are looking to attain a flatter, more attractive midsection. When considering body contouring options, women should also consider the desired aesthetic outcome and whether a certain procedure will accomplish those goals. As a tummy tuck and body contouring surgeon, I have identified several key features that contribute to the ideal female physique:

1- Hour-glass figure – Many studies have demonstrated that a waist-to-hip ratio of 0.6 is ideal. For any of the procedures listed below, the best way to accomplish this goal is to consider contouring to the abdomen, hips, and back area as well. Ignoring any of these three components will limit the overall aesthetic outcome.

2- Feminine pillars – The quintessential female figure is not flat! A flat abdomen looks done! A subtle amount of fat creating vertical pillars that extend from the ribcage to the pubic area is ideal. If you look at the best swimsuit models, they will all have these pillars.

3- Vertically oriented oval-shaped belly button – The ideal, youthful belly button is an oval that has its long axis up and down, not side to side.

In order to achieve these goals, you may only need to address one or more aspects of your body. Aside from tummy tuck surgery; there are other body contouring options that may suit you as well. As a tummy tuck surgeon in New York, I offer several options for patients who wish to undergo body contouring procedures.

Overview of A Full Tummy Tuck

High Lateral Tension Abdominoplasty

This is a unique form of tummy tuck that excels in several respects for patients. It addresses the excess fat, skin laxity, and loose abdominal muscles that affect the appearances of post-childbirth mothers, massive weight loss patients, and men with protruding “beer bellies.” But more importantly, it is designed to:

  • Enhance the hourglass figure by pulling skin, muscle, and fat from the lateral waist – hence the name “high lateral tension.”
  • It is a less traumatic procedure than more conventional tummy tucks, which allows our Long Island and New York plastic surgeons to perform liposuction on the abdomen, hips, and back at the time of the original procedure. This additional contouring improves the hourglass shape, as well as helping to enhance the look of the feminine pillars.
  • The new belly button shape is vertically oriented.
  • The design of the procedure and the minimal trauma and tension associated with the procedure makes the scars less noticeable.
  • Finally, we can tailor the location and shape of the scars to fit within your bikini, a real plus for those young moms looking to assume their pre-pregnancy bodies.

A full tummy tuck creates the slender, feminine waistline or masculine “washboard abs” that patients want; however, it is a major surgery that requires a hip-to-hip incision and results in a scar across the abdomen. While this scar is easily concealed by clothing, it is worth considering before committing to the procedure. Additionally, the navel is moved during tummy tuck surgery, and a small scar may or may not result.

Overview of a Partial Abdominoplasty

Mini-Tummy Tuck

More commonly, patients demonstrate a small degree of excess fat and weakened muscles, unlike full tummy tuck candidates who have ample extra skin and fat. For individuals in New York who lack extra skin, I will often recommend a partial abdominoplasty or mini-tummy tuck.

With this technique, patients enjoy much smaller scars in the waistline and no scars around the navel. Through a small transverse incision in the pubic area, the muscles are tightened, the excess fat is removed, and any extra skin below the navel is removed. For patients who simply want a slimmer abdomen below the belly button, the mini-tummy tuck can be an excellent fit.

Reverse Tummy Tuck – For that unique group of patients with excess skin above the belly button, but not below, we can pull the excess skin upwards and anchor the skin under the breasts. This technique is minimally invasive but leaves a scar under each breast, which can be easily concealed in a bikini top or brassiere.

Liposuction – Individuals with good skin tone and extra fat on the belly or hips (for example, a “muffin top”) may consider liposuction a good alternative to tummy tuck surgery. As a board certified plastic surgeon, I can perform your liposuction with skill and expertise. Please see our liposuction page for more information.

Tummy Tuck and Mommy Makeover

Specifically designed for female patients who seek to restore their post-childbirth figures, the mommy makeover involves combining tummy tuck surgery with at least one other procedure. For some, it is combined with liposuction; for others, breast lift surgery. The results are beautiful, but as a New York mommy makeover surgeon, I advise all mommy makeover patients to be certain they do not plan any future pregnancies following the procedure.

When addressing multiple procedures, keep in mind that surgical risks increase with time in the operating room. Try to avoid any string of procedures that last longer than 4-5 hours. As I tell all my patients, after 4 hours, I start to get tired and so will they. These are elective procedures and we should make every effort to minimize any potential risks.

Patient Testimonials

Superb Plastic Surgeon!
“I have had multiple cosmetic surgical procedures with Dr. Robert Freund and would never to go anyone else. In NYC where there are many outstanding plastic surgeons to choose from, Dr Freund’s sincere compassion, care and artistry are unparalleled…”
The Only Surgeon I’ll Use!
“Dr. Freund is the only doctor I’ll go to for cosmetic surgery. He gave me the most natural, beautiful nose. 7 years later & it still looks as good as new. People still tell me they “wish” they had my nose, not realizing I had it done…”
A Mother of 5 Who Didn’t Want to Look Like a Mother of 5
“Dr. Freund is by far the best plastic surgeon out there and I would never even consider any other. He’s like family to me now. I’ve been going to him since I was 25. From Breast implants, to 2 tummy tucks, to numerous different lipo procedures, then years later…”
Dr. Freund Changed My Lift
“I cannot recommend Dr. Freund highly enough. By age 40 I had sagging empty breasts that I couldn’t get to look right no matter what bras or clothing I tried. I had no self-confidence and felt poorly every time I looked at myself, especially naked…”
Dr. Freund Is a Miracle Worker
“I researched many doctors before choosing Dr. Freund for my breast augmentation. Dr. Freund is truly an authority in his field and after my initial consultation, I knew that I made the right choice. During my consult, Dr. Freund was very attentive,…”


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