There are several options to address signs of aging on the face. The type of facelift Dr. Freund recommends will depend on which area of the face you are concerned with. For example, some patients have drooping on their forehead and brow area. For these patients, a brow lift may be the best choice. Others who have excess sagging around the middle third of their face may require a mid face lift. Full facelift surgery is designed for patients who have developed sagging, aging skin across the lower two-thirds of their faces, including the cheeks, jaw line, and upper neck. Full facelift surgery highlights the contours of your cheeks, tightens the skin that hangs from your jowls, and reduces the look of marionette lines (the vertical lines on either side of your smile that extend down toward your chin). Dr. Freund’s main goal as a surgeon is to provide treatments that achieve an enhancement without creating an overdone or fake look. Most patients consider this to be extremely important when choosing a facelift surgeon.

Dr. Freund does not perform one single kind of face lift. He performs facial procedures depending on individual patient needs. His techniques make patients look natural: better, but still like themselves.